Established in 2006, Phuong Nghi Cosmetics Co., Ltd constantly brings the great values ​​that is composed of modernity and tradition through best quality products and brands.

Our commitment is improving the quality of life of Vietnamese people as well as all around the world. Members of the Phuong Nghi Cosmetics family have always strove to perfect technological solutions according to international standards and self-contained manufacturing system to meet the diverse needs of customers. Thanks to our own strengths, we gradually affirm the position of a fast growing national brand when creating safe and eco-friendly consumer products.



Becoming the pride of Vietnam in distribution and production of consumer goods.



Bringing consumers the high-quality, safe and eco-friendly products and services with a commitment to the community based on the responsibility and understanding.



We believe that sustainable business success must be built on 5 important foundations:


Dedicating to customers and work with the high responsibility is always the guideline in the thoughts and actions of all company members so that we may constantly strive to overcome all challenges and achieve success.


Transparent management - responsibility - benefits - cooperation to maintain prestige and build sustainable trust in customers and partners.


With customer centricity is our motto, we constantly build relationships with customers through communicating, listening and sharing knowledge and experiences in order to make adjustments, changes in products and meet the needs of customers. We believe that the products and services of Phuong Nghi Cosmetics can solve the problems faced by consumers, thereby contributing to improving the quality of life.


The innovation and constant movement of the world always push us forward. By being proactive, creative and quickly grasping the development trends of the market, we focus on our strengths and differences to bring new and satisfying experiences.


Cooperation is shown not only with business partners but also within members of the company. We aim at goodwill, sincerity and efficiency to bring a win-win  situation to all parties’ benefit. Thereby, we build a strong organization, and at the same time create a great reputation and reliability in business relationships.